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Useful Links and Resources:


The New Zealand Transport Agency NZTA has a lot of driving resources including the up to date edition of the Road Code and published test guides for both Restricted and Full Licenses, for links see below.

The information is spread around their web site.


NZTA provides online booking for your test, remember to keep scrolling down the page.


You can chose your test site. If you want to book the Westgate test site you need to put WAITAKERE in your location, not AUCKLAND as that will put you at the Penrose test site and this is not recommended unless you live next door. You will need to book in advance to get the time and day you prefer.


You can change your booking online with no charge, as long as you give two full working days notice. If you go to a service agency (AA, VTNZ, VINZ) you will be charged a fee for changing bookings.


Once you have booked your test online, you still need to visit an NZTA agency to complete the test booking procedure, i.e. photo and eyesight check and sign another form, DL1.

Remember to bring your proof of address and Learner license.


It is recommended you do this before the day of your test, so that once you pass the practical test, the Testing Officer can immediately issue your temporary license. The plastic license will arrive in the post around 1 week later.

For more inforation refer to the NZTA Fact Sheet 45 Learning to Drive, linked below.


For your information, AA, VINZ and VTNZ are agencies under contract to NZTA to provide office and computer facitilies, theory tests and book practical tests, they do not carry out practical tests.


Practical Driver tests are conducted by an independent company, New Zealand Driver Licensing (1998) Ltd (or the NZ Defence Force if you are in the miltary), under contract to NZTA.


On the day of your practical driving test, remember to bring you license and you need to provide a car, or book my driving school car for your test. The car must be road worthy including current WOF, registration, with all lights and wipers working, tyres checked and clean and tidy interior. If not, your test will be failed and you will have to pay to resit.

Restricted License Test Guide (Class1), Version 2, June 2014.


Full License Test Guide (Class 1), Version 2, June 2014.


NZTA Fact Sheet 45, Learning to Drive Getting Your Car License, October 2012.

A little out of date but maybe helpful.


The Official NZTA Online Road Code.


The PRACTICE web site put together by NZTA and ACC provides a free practical plan for students learning to drive.

Free online resources are available and a useful Driving Skills Manual will be posted out if you enrol.

The more homework you do, the better prepared you are for driving practise.


NZTA again with helpful tips specificaly for teenage learners. The best thing is the link to Psychologist Nigel Latta's Surviving Teen Driving Video Series, excellent viewing for learners and coaches.


E Drive Solutions Ltd provide an online driver training programme.


Provides free NZ road code quizzes.